Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bug Bite Season

"This time of year my family is always ready to jump in the lake to keep cool, but I hate seeing my kids with itchy mosquito bites! Is there anyway to treat bug bites without using harmful chemicals or antihistamines that will make us drowsy?" - Tina Bowens

Great question Tina! Nobody likes those pesty biters but luckily there are lots of ways to deal with the itch herbally.

It is best to treat bites and stings by taking something internally so that we can help our bodies defend themselves. Herbs such as Nettles and Licorice are great in this situation because they are antihistamines and help prevent allergic reactions, but will not make you drowsy. Teas or capsules made with these herbs would be optimal after getting bit, or before enjoying your water outing!

To calm the itch, herbs such as Plantain and Lavender are great to use topically. Many of us know that Lavender helps to relax the nerves which is often necessary in this situation for kiddos! It is also one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly on the skin.

Finally, chamomile can be applied to those nasty bumps to reduce inflammation and redness.

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