Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rumblies in the Tummies

This morning a good friend of mine called and said that her two year old had a  horrible diaper rash and diarrhea with cramping for the last three days. I could hear her little boy crying in the background and was so glad that I had just what he needed in my cabinets.
While diarrhea should sometimes be allowed to run its course in order to rid the body of toxins, it should be treated if it persists more than twelve hours. My first major concern was that he had become dehydrated. I chose to make him a herbal tea using raspberry leaves which will actually help the intestines absorb fluids. For his cramps I added relaxing chamomile to his tea, and had Momma rub a soothing lavender oil on his tummy. Finally for his rash we slathered on some Baby Booty Cream (luckily, I had recently made a batch).
By the time Momma and toddler were back in the car, he was able to sit down on his booty (which he could not do earlier), and all the tears had stopped!
There is no better feeling than when he told me, "thank you" this morning. This is why I love my job!

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