Friday, October 18, 2013

Trees with Tea and Honey

        As I sat on my back porch today drinking tea with my head buried in my kindle, I searched over all of my herbal eBooks trying to think of one thing to write about today. Day #9 of blogging, and already I was out of inspiration. I was not so sure this blog thing was made for me. In a moment of frustration, I closed my tablet and looked out.

       I saw the sun breaking through the trees and warming my tea, and remembered I use to dream about mornings like this. I had everything I really needed: my pets, my tea and some plants. This is after all why I became a herbalist in the first place. To be one step closer to nature, to be reminded everyday how miraculous of a world we live in where the plants give life. Not to stick my head in a computer.

      I urge you today to go for a walk, for a swim, if nothing else go outside for one minute and breathe deeply. Many people say that we live in a broken world, but I disagree. We live in a healing world, if we would just learn to take it in.

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